Peru citizens organize second ‘Save Barranco’ march

Israel Ruiz

Citizens in the Limean district of Barranco are taking back to the streets in round two of "Salvemos Barranco" (Let’s save Barranco).

People living in the district are demanding that Mayor Luis Castañeda sit down and talk with them about the problems the construction of a new highway has caused.

A first protest was organized in February and the second one is to be held on Wednesday April 1, the day on which concerned ‘Barranquinos’ will gather at the corner of Bolognesi and Cajamarca avenues.

Citizens claim that Ovalo (roundabout) Balta has disappeared, that Bolognesi Avenue has been mutilated, that construction projects have split the district in half and that pollution is making people sick.

A drive through Barranco:

Citizens say the first protest has not helped the situation.

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