Japan loans Peru $90 million for potable water & electricity projects

Israel Ruiz

A deal was signed between Peru and Japan in which the Asian country will lend the Andean one ninety million dollars for the improvement of water and electrical services in the regions of Cajamarca and Loreto.

The loan was made official at the Government Palace in Lima by Peru’s Economy Minister, Luis Carranza and the vice president of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency, Kenzo Ohshima.

After the agreement was signed, President Alan Garcia stated that this loan would contribute to a project that had already provided 3,000 Peruvians with electricity.

He said he hoped twice as many Peruvians would have electricity by the end of his administration in 2011.

In the case of water, Garcia said another 2.5 million citizens would have potable water and that 1.2 million would have property deeds by the end of his administration.

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