Peru’s state bank deposits 533 mln soles in wrong account

Israel Ruiz

Peru’s state-run bank, Banco de la Nación accidentally deposited 533 million soles into a woman’s bank account in February, reported bank representatives in an official press release.

31-year-old Julia Vásquez was shocked when she went to her local bank in one of Peru’s rainforest cities and found that her account had several million soles.

It was reported that Vásquez had gone to the bank – located in Bagua, Amazonas – to withdraw the one hundred soles her son’s father deposited every month for child support.

Upon realizing the amount of money she had in her account, Julia became concerned and told a security guard. According to local media, the security guard helped Julia withdraw six hundred soles.

Vásquez was unheard of until last Thursday, at which time she went to a TV station to explain what had happened. She also offered to return the five hundred soles she had taken.

Bank authorities said the ‘human error’ was immediately detected by their system and voided. They have assured charges will not be pressed against Julia Vásquez.

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