Peru: Indecopi starts investigation on D’Onofrio’s campaign

Isabel Guerra

Nestlé D’Onofrio’s campaign “Buy any ice cream for 1 sol” achieved important sales after all, according to Domenico Cassareto, Marketing Manager, who declared that last Friday’s sales reached 4 million soles, and last Saturday’s peaked 6 million soles., that is, a grand total of 10 million soles.

Casaretto remarked that thanks to this promotion, many poor children were able to enjoy ice-creams that usually cost 3 soles or more.

However, D’Onofrio has also been denounced by Peruvian Association of Consumers (Aspec) for alleged misleading advertising.

Asked about the many cases of heladeros not selling the products at the suggested price, Casaretto declined all responsibility because “The heladeros are do not belong to our company and we can’t control these situations”, he said.

Indecopi, Peru’s consumer protection agency, has started an investigation on this matTer, and if it finds out that D’Onofrio incurred in misleading advertising, the company could be fined 2’485,000 soles (more than US800,000 dollars).

(El Comercio)

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