Miraflores executes plan to ‘save’ Peru’s Costa Verde

Israel Ruiz

In an effort to preserve and improve the Costa Verde, the district of Miraflores began projects in October to restore the five kilometers of shoreline in its district.

Among the beaches the municipality has been restoring are Los Delfines, Redondo and Tres Picos.

As a part of the restoration project, the municipality has planted over 19,000 square meters (204,514 square feet) of grass around Los Delfines and Redondo beaches.

Aside from the parks that have been created around these beaches, municipal authorities had shelters built for auxiliary police (Serenazgo) and lifeguards.

Around Tres Picos beach, the municipality is removing old dirt and replacing it with fertile land that will allow the growth of trees and plants.

It has been reported that this is the first stage of the project and that the second stage will include the construction of stairs and bridges that will join the upper part of the coast with the beaches.

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