Peru accepts Germany donation for museum – Vargas Llosa to head committee

Israel Ruiz

After strongly being criticized around the world for rejecting a $2 million donation from Germany for the construction of a museum, Peru’s government has decided to accept the donation and place Mario Vargas Llosa at the head of the project.

The Peruvian government announced that it would accept Germany’s donation for the construction of a museum to commemorate the deaths of thousands of citizens during the country’s struggle against terrorism in the 1980s and 90s.

Furthermore, the government has chosen renowned writer and journalist Mario Vargas Llosa to head the committee that is to design, implement and manage the new project.

Vargas Llosa was one of the people that most strongly criticized the Peruvian government for rejecting a donation to build this museum. He especially argued with the Andean country’s Defense Minister, who stated Peru had more important priorities than building a museum.

Salomón Lerner Febres, Monsignor Luis Bambarén, painter Fernando de Szyszlo, Enrique Bernales and anthropologist Juan Ossio Acuña will all work together with Vargas Llosa to build the museum.

It was reported that none of these men will be paid for working on this committee but will do it ‘ad honorem’.

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