Peru: Continental Bank sponsors educational webpage

Isabel Guerra

The Fundación BBVA Banco Continental (BBVA Continental Bank Foundation) presented recently the new website ( as a part of its social responsibility plan “Leer es estar adelante” (“To read is to have an advantage”).

This program is intended to motivate children to read and to improve their reading  skills and reading comprehension levels. provides lively resources in reading and interactive academic help not only to students, but to school teachers and parents as well.

The webpage features the main characters of this program’s textbooks, in funny animations and voiced by popular Peruvian actors, such as Sergio Galliani (“Beto”), Giovanni Ciccia (“Coco”), Bruno Ascenzo (“Tito”), Gisela Ponce de León (“Nina”) and Stephanie Oré (“Pepa”).

The program has been already working since 2007 in Arequipa, Ayacucho, Lima, Loreto and Piura.

More than 13,000 Peruvian children have reportedly been benefitted by this program up to now.

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