Peru: Amazonian Leaders worried about their ancestral land

Isabel Guerra

Neither governments nor corporations meet the international agreements protecting their ancestral territories, said representatives of the Amazonian communities at the International Encounter for the Defense of Rights and Forests Conservation, held in Lima.

One of their main concerns is the overexploitaiton and loss of their land, due to reasons like mineral exploration activities or the close juxtaposition of oil blocks and their communities’ territories, said Sandro Chávez, President of the Ecological Forum of Peru.

Monocultives, intended for biodiesel production, are another source of concern for the Amazonian communities.

Margarita Benavides, from the Common Welfare Institute, said that tomorrow they will present a map of all the communities’ territories and natural protected areas, including those from all Amazonian countries.

Ani Yuatt, representative of the Council for Defense of Natural Resources declared that there is great concern about the Peru-USA FTA implementation, since Peru lacks of necessary custody mechanisms to prevent illegal export of highly valued woods like cedar and mahogany.

(El Comercio)

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