Machu Picchu train re-opened


Today the train line was free of blockages due to the fact
that around 400 policemen were assigned to guard it, the locals of the nearby cites
took it upon themselves to protest through the streets of Cusco with a music
While this was taking place, vice minister of tourism, Romiro Salas, the
president of Ositran, Alejandro Chang, the solicitor of the ministry of
transports, Omar Lujan, fiscal dean Felix Tupayachi and representatives of
tourism got together to find a solution , and discuss what measures they would
take incase violence broke out on the train tracks. Although no decisions were
made they congratulated the police for having kept things under control, the
representative sent by coronal PNP Oscar Garante assured the party that the
stations were completely safe. As Peru Rail saw that the locals of Cusco
did not cause more trouble they have decided to reopen the tracks and put on
sale 1 thousand tickets for those individuals who want to see the ancient city.
However, Peru Rail stated that if there are any threats they will immediately
shut it down.