Peru construction worker falls off building – Not wearing harness or helmet

Israel Ruiz

A Peru construction worker lost his life on Wednesday morning after he fell from the roof while working on the restoration of Lima’s famous Municipal Theater.

It was 10 a.m. when 53-year-old Alberto Garcia, who worked for the municipal real estate company EMILIMA, lost his balance as he was bringing up material using a pulley.

The construction worker fell approximately thirty meters (98 feet). Police immediately arrived to the scene of the accident only to find Garcia dead.

It was reported the impact had instantly killed him.

According to Luis Sanabria, head of construction for Lima, Garcia was not wearing a helmet or harness because the work he was doing did not call for this safety equipment.

Sanabria assured the company would cover all costs. Alberto Garcia is survived by his wife and three children, one of which is underage.

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