France, England & Germany are big consumers of Peruvian fashion


European countries, notably France, England and Germany have become the world’s biggest consumers of Peruvian fashion, reported the designer Jose Miguel Valdivia.

He said that efforts are being made at the moment to strengthen the presence of Peruvian designs in positioned markets, as well as entering new markets, particularly the United States.

Valdivia noted he will soon meet with representatives of recognized international fairs such as Magic Marketplace (Las Vegas) and Moda Manhattan (New York) to include the Peruvian designs in these fashion events.

"Both American fairs are well-respected and give us the possibility to showcase our products. We have carry our own brands, and promote more than just clothes", he said.

The Peruvian fashion is characterized the by its unique designs, and is becoming increasingly demanded because it uses the finest fabrics such as Pima cotton, alpaca and vicuna.

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