Peru’s maca & cat’s claw became most demanded natural products abroad


The maca and cat’s claw (popularly known in Spanish as "Uña de Gato") have currently become the most demanded natural products abroad, due to their healing properties and different versions available in the market, reported Hersil Laboratories.

Last year, maca exports totaled 5 million dollars and were destined to 48 countries. The main export destination was the United States (30%  of total exports), followed by Japan, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany and China.

On the other hand, cat’s claw exports totaled 346,000 dollars. It is exported as a bark, into pieces, in ground form, as flour and capsules.

Due to the international crisis, the sale of these products have experienced a slowdown. However, growth figures are still positive, as well as the tendencies registered in the pharmaceutical market, since sales are expected to increase 8%  this year, said Patrick Teullet, Customer Service Manager.

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