Peru & Bolivia join efforts supporting Lake Titicaca’s candidacy.

Isabel Guerra

The official webpage supporting the candidacy of Lake Titicaca will launch on May 24th a second massive campaign calling for votes for Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon and Amazon River in the New Seven Wonders of Nature election.

This campaign will take place in the Peruvian cities of Arequipa, Tacna, Moquegua, Juliaca, Puno and Iquitos, as well as the Bolivian cities of La Paz, El Alto, Oruro, and Potosí.

"We are working with representatives from the regional government of Loreto and Autocolca in Arequipa -which support the Amazon River and Colca Canyon, respectively- to optimize our efforts," said Eugenio Rojas, mayor of Achacachi (Bolivia).

"In the first campaign we had over 185,000 votes and with the support of Peru we will achieve our desired goal until July 7," he added.

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