Peru sends 2009 seed-filled balloons into the air for Earth Day

Israel Ruiz

In an effort to show their appreciation for the Earth’s environment, a group of school children in Peru sent 2009 balloons full of native Peruvian seeds into the air to celebrate Earth Day 2009.

Environment Minister Antonio Brack explained that the variety of seeds, which included everything from plants and flowers to trees, had been donated by the Canto Vivo Ecological Association.

This activity reflects the parable of the sower, told by Jesus about the seeds that land in good soil and grow and give good fruit, said Minister Brack.

In other activities that took place for Earth Day 2009 in Peru, Brack joined a group of eighty schools that celebrated with a festival called "Healthy life on a healthy planet", where a variety of products made with recycled material were put on display.

The Environment Minister, along with an NGO known as ORCA and the help of several Limean schools and municipalities also launched a campaign to rid Peru’s beaches of plastic objects.

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