Southern Peru bridges to receive maintenance

Isabel Guerra

The president of Ayacucho region, Ernesto Molina, informed that the Regional Directorate of Transport and Communications has just started a revision of all the bridges in the region, starting with those located on the Apurimac and Ene Rivers Valley (VRAE).

“We have started to work with the all these bridges, about five, which are made of concrete, but they will be revised anyway to check if they need maintenance, especially now that are in the rainy season, in order to avoid more accidents” Molina said.

Especifically, they don´t want any other tragedy like the one of April 13th, when a suspension bridge collapsed, causing the death of 7 schoolchildren and one teacher.

Molina stated that Ayacucho has 35 or 40 bridges for pedestrians, and many more bridges of all different kinds.

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