Swedish market interested in Peruvian products, says Ambassador


Arequipa is an attractive city for Swedish market, especially in textile and mining fields, reported Peruvian Ambassador to Sweden, Manuel Veramendi.

He arrived in Arequipa to participate in an exhibition on export opportunities to that country, called “Open Trade Gate Sweden”.

A similar event has been held in Piura and Lima cities with exhibitions in charge of two officials from Swedish government, who gave detailed information to the audience about conditions of Scandinavian market (Denmark, Norway and Sweden).

Executive Director of Open Trade Gate Sweden, Ana Albarello, said that Sweden is a country with a per capita income of US$ 41,000, that appeal to free market, in other words, they are ready to access other markets and vice versa.

“Other important aspect was Sweden weather. Thet require fresh agricultural products,” she added.

Craftworks, silver jewelry and agroindustry fields are another products that Scandinavian countries are ready to buy, Ana Albarello said.

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