Peru’s Juan Diego Florez the best belcanto tenor, Andrea Bocelli says

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Juan Diego Florez is absolutely the best tenor in the world in his vocal category, said one of the most successful Italian tenors, Andrea Bocelli, during the press conference he gave yesterday.

"He is an extraordinary singer and he has a fantastic voice," he added.  

Bocelli arrived in Lima to present his show called Incanto, as part of his world tour, and he said that he is “absolutely thrilled” to be in Peru for the first time.

The Italian tenor promised to sing Peruvian songs during his next visit and , explaining that he he opted not to do it this time, because it requires additional preparation. "Peruvian music is not that easy" he said.

Bocelli remarked that he is to perform in Lima the same show he offers in any other city in the world.

The concert will be held tonight at Jockey Club (beside Jockey Plaza Shopping Center).

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