US Embassy waives interview requirement for tourism visa applicants

Isabel Guerra

Under the new Rapid Renewal Program instituted by the U.S. Embassy in Lima, certain applicants for U.S. business and tourism visas may no longer be required to appear for a personal interview at the Embassy. 

These applicants are “Interview Exempt.”

Any Interview Exempt applicant who has not had impressions of all ten fingerprints taken at a prior visa interview will have to appear at the Embassy for fingerprints only, and will be able to leave after the fingerprints are taken. 

If an Interview Exempt applicant has already had impressions of all ten fingerprints taken at a prior visa interview, those prior fingerprints can now be re-used, so the applicant will not have to come to the Embassy at all, but may instead send all required documents to the Embassy via the DHL delivery service. 

The applicant’s passport and new visa will then be returned by DHL.

Find out more about the Rapid Renewal Program.

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