Peru’s President has earned US leaders’ admiration, Jimmy Carter says

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s President Alan Garcia has earned himself the admiration of US political leaders, said former US President Jimmy Carter, after the meeting they both had this morning at Palacio de Gobierno (Government’s Palace), in Lima.

“We are happy and full of admiration for all the achievements of his (Garcia’s) Government," Carter declared to local press.

Carter, who arrived in Lima to take part in the Americas Regional Conference, came along with his wife (and former First Lady) Rosalyn, and visited the exhibition “Royal Tombs of Sipan” (at Tupac Amaru Hall) prior to his meeting with Garcia.

The former US president will also be awarded a medal for his renowned work on promoting and defending constitutional order as well as fostering respect for human rights.

The 39th President of the United States would be staying in Lima until May 1, when he will travel to Bolivia.

Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jimmy Carter governed the United States  from January 20th 1977 until January 20th 1981. 

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