Peru could export US $500 million to Rondonia (Brazil) in 2010

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian exports to the regions of Acre and Rondonia (Brazil) could reach US $500 million dollars in 2010, according to the National Chamber of Commerce, Production and Services (PeruCámaras).

"Acre and Rondonia have a population of 2.5 million people. If we sold each one of them $20 a month (which means less than a dollar per day), it will add up 500 million dollars of exports per year," said Guillermo Vega Alvear, President of PeruCámaras.

He explained that representatives of Araújo, a leading supermarket chain in Acre, will visit Lima between May 15th and 20th to meet with several national exporters to discuss Peruvian offers, especially in the food and beverage sector,.

Araújo’s main interest would allegedly be fresh vegetables, tubers, sea fish, and also milk and dairy products.

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