Dozens of Peru children lose lives after being affected by cold weather

Israel Ruiz

With temperatures dropping across the country for winter, different regions in Peru are being affected in many different ways.

While in Lima there is an increasing amount of fog and humidity, highland regions such as Puno are experiencing cold weather many citizens are not equipped to deal with.

Every year, as cold fronts hit Peru, dozens of children in Peru’s highlands begin to lose their lives because of colds or infections. This has already been the case of twenty-six children in Puno.

Aside from the kids that have lost their lives because of respiratory infections, another 31,860 have been seriously affected by viruses attributed to the climate change, said health authorities.

Despite the fact that nine of the twenty-six children that lost their lives were taken to hospitals, doctors were not able to help them.

The other nineteen children were not seen by doctors. It was also reported that 351 kids currently have pneumonia.

Health authorities in Puno explained that many children die because parents do not know how to identify symptoms and take their children to hospitals when illnesses are in their late stages.

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