Peru: A jaguar is born in captivity at Lima zoo

Isabel Guerra

A little black jaguar (Panthera onca), locally known as “otorongo” that was born in captivity in the Parque de las Leyendas, the biggest zoo in Lima, was presented to the public yesterday.

The 3.2 kg small black cat was born on April 14th healthy, and it’s the first cat born in captivity this year, as a part of the plan to rescue endangered animal species conducted by Lima’s municipality in the zoo.

“Unlike other felines, the Otorongo does not breed litters; they are born one by one. The young jaguar feeds exclusively on milk", said Marco Antonio Villalobos, Promotion and Development director of Lima’s Municipality.

This birth is very important since jaguars are one of the endangered species in the country.

The baby jaguar has no name yet, so Lima’s municipality has organized a contest to choose the most original name, involving school students and general public.

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