190 foreign couples hope to adopt a child in Peru

Isabel Guerra

Nearly 380 families hope to adopt a child in Peru and a 50% of them are actually foreign couples, declared Carmen Vasquez de Velasco, the Executive Director of Peru’s National Institute for Family Well-Being (Inabif).

She said that some foreign families are willing to adopt children with special needs, or even victims of incest or rape.

“They are much more sensitive, especially Europeans and Italians in particular; but all in all, Peruvian families have first priority in adoption requests," she emphasized.

However, she also said that Peruvian prospective parents who wish to adopt a child are more selective, since they usually request for children younger than two years old and without siblings.

Peru’s legal requirements for adoption are very strict, and this is intended "to ensure the child’s welfare,” said Vasquez de Velasco.

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