Peru’s olive exports grew 7.3 percent

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian exports of olives and its products increased in 7.3% in the first quarter of 2009, for a total of US $5’865,000, reported the Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex).

Olives were exported under six different labels, including “Virgin Olive Oil” and “Olives, prepared or preserved, not frozen” which was the most important shipment with US$ 5‘399,000.

According to Adex statistics, Peru exported olives to 18 countries during the first 3 months, while the number of export companies rose 26%  (from  43 to 54) in the same period.

Brazil was the main destination market with over US$ 4 million in exports.

The second most important destination was the United States, Chile and Spain, which buys “Virgin Olive Oil”, as well as Venezuela, Ecuador and France, among others.

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