Peru to ban homosexuality and adultery among police officers

Isabel Guerra

Peru will ban homosexuality and adultery among Police members, in order to “avoid damages in the institution’s image”, according to the new Law for Disciplinary Regime of Peru National Police.

The new law, which is starting to create a public debate on sexual orientation rights, defines that the punishment for any police officer who engages in sexual relations with people of the same sex will be the indefinite expulsion.

On the other hand, those who commit adultery will be suspended.

This law also establishes that police officers will be fired for taking bribes and abusing detainees.

The Minister of Interior, Mercedes Cabanillas, is trying to reorganize the Peruvian Police, which has a quite bad reputation among the citizens.

However, some critics are pointing out at the fact that these laws, specially those regarding sexual orientation or sexual activity, would be inconstitutional.

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