Toledo says “the murder of policemen will not go unpunished”


President Alejandro Toledo stated today that there is no way
that the massacre of the 8 police officers will go unpunished. Yesterday night 8
policemen were killed by the ‘Sendero Luminoso’ in Aucayacu, Huanuco. Toledo
after soliciting 1 minute of silence for the 8 deceased police men, showed
confidence in the investigation that the PNP are currently carrying out, but
says it may take a while to find those responsible and to bring them to
justice. Toledo said “it’s easy to
throw the stone and then hide the hand, if you’re fighting an ideal show your
face”. President Toledo finalized stating the need to fortify the PNP and the army
since globalization is presenting new threats such as drug trafficking,
organized crime, perverse alliances and terrorism