Peru: Titicaca ranks first in its group of New Seven Wonders

Isabel Guerra

According to Andina News Agency, Lake Titicaca returned this afternoon to the new seven wonders of nature competition, and now ranks first in the Group F, which includes lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Titicaca was suspended of this contest on May 15th, after a Bolivian private enterprise conducted a promotion event which had not been authorized.

“Before its suspension Lake Titicaca ranked fourth in the Group F, and today, May 19th, it moved up to first position, which reflects voters’ preference,“ said Julian Barra Catacora, executive chairman of the Binational Authority of Lake Titicaca.  

Barra also asked Peruvian and Bolivian people to actively support Lake Titicaca in its bid to be voted one of the seven natural wonders.

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