Campaigns to help children endangered by extreme cold in Peru’s highlands

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Health Minister, Oscar Ugarte, reported that his office will strengthen preventive actions against acute respiratory infections (ARI) in the highlands of Puno.

The main goal is treating and avoiding pneumonia cases, especially in children under five years.

Ugarte expressed his concerns because the inmunization campaign against A influenza that the Ministry has launched has not actually reached more than 10% of the targeted population so far.

However, he noted that the most important issue at the moment is to reinforce preventive actions.

Up to now, more than 120 children deaths –due to the extreme cold- have been oficially reported in the Peruvian Andean highlands, although some reports claim that the death toll is much higher.

On this regard, Peruvian bloggers have started a “Campaña por los niños del Perú” solidarity campaign, in order to collect winter clothes and to get more help for the children in the highlands.

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