Peru’s Camposol to invest US $ 12 millions in crops

Isabel Guerra

The agricultural export company Camposol will invest $ 12 million this year to expand its citrus and avocado crops in northern Peru.

The main goal is to increase their shipments abroad, informed the Camposol CEO, Juan José Gal’Lino. He added that the company will also invest about half a million dollars in research and development.

“Camposol expects to plant about 1,000 hectares of avocado in Virú (La Libertad). We have planted 400 so far, and so another 600 are pending” he said.

He also added that last January they have planted their first 100 acres of citrus.

"In November we will start with our first grape harvest in Piura, the first 100 hectares of a larger project we have,” remarked Gal’Lino.

He also said that Camposol is expecting that the National Service of Agrarian Health (SENASA) will succeed in opening the US market for Peruvian exports of avocado.

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