This year has been a great year for Perú!
Peru won the Copa Pacifico in swimming and classified for the World Championship in Volleyball. Athletics, karate, gymnastics and badminton also celebrated.
How can we forget in October when we won the Copa Pacfica against Colombia in the swimming pool of the Campo de Marte in Lima. Also, in Volley when they won the match against Brazil, celebrating their victory for next year when they go play in Japan for 2006.
Also, in gymnastics Mario Berríos y Nicole Santa María classfied in Rio de Jeniro for the Panamericana 2007, and in March Akio Tamashiro won the US Open. In September Jimmy Moreno, Enrique Rojas y Renzo Luna won the gold medal in the men’s division, and Lilibeth Muñoz, Akemi Takase y Élida Córdova did the same in the women’s division, all in the KATÁ of Panamericano Juvenile of Karate, in Uruguay. And in April in badminton Peru was third in the Panamericano. Its been a busy year and we should be proud!