Peru: Lake Titicaca leads its category in New7Wonders contest

Isabel Guerra

Lake Titicaca continues to lead Group F (lakes, rivers and waterfalls) in the Seven Natural Wonders Contest, which intends to choose the new seven natural wonders of the world.

According to the latest ranking released on Monday by the contest organizers, Lake Titicaca beats competitors such as the US Niagara Falls and Europe’s second-longest river, Danube River.

A total of 261 qualified national and multinational nominees from 222 countries are participating in this second phase of the Official New7Wonders of Nature campaign.

Votes to nominate semifinalists will be cast until July 7 at www.new7wonders.com and the 77 Top Nominees (the top 11 in each of the seven groups) will pass to the next phase of the contest.

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