Peru: Congressman and Former Mayor of Lima dies at 65

Isabel Guerra

The businessman, Congressman and former Mayor of Lima, Alberto Andrade, died yesterday, June 19th, at 23.40pm, died at a Washington private hospital  due to complications associated with pulmonary fibrosis, reported his brother Fernando Andrade.

Alberto Andrade Carmona was appointed Mayor of Lima in 1995, and reelected for a second period in 1998.

Andrade was a very charismatic politician, and he started, as Mayor of Lima, the process of remodeling and recovering of the historic Lima Downtown.

He also had an important role in the resistance against Alberto Fujimori’s regime, since he considered he was an authoritarian governant.

Andrade was a presidential candidate in 1997, and was appointed as Congressman in the last elections.

The Congress’ President, Javier Velásquez Quesquén, expressed his sympathies to Andrade’s family,and has ordered that Peru’s flag will be at half mast as a sign of mourn.

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