Peru: Disposable plastic bottles banned in Machu Picchu

Isabel Guerra

The Municipality of Machu Picchu has banned the use of plastic bottles in the area, because the amount of the disposed bottles easily reaches 1 ton each month, generating a serious environmental issue.

The town ordinance will come into effect on August 23rd, so the sale and consumption of beverages in disposable plastic bottles will be strictly forbidden to avoid pollution in the area.

“The norm aims to promote the sale of drinks in returnable glass bottles and the use of water bottles,” explained municipal authority Miriam Valenzuela.

Edgar Miranda, the Machu Picchu Mayor, is requesting the neighboring communities (such as Santa Teresa, Ollantaytambo, Urubamba and Cusco) to join this campaign.

The use or sale of plastic disposable bottles will be fined S/.1.775 fine (US $600 dollars).

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