Peru: Lima mourns Former Mayor Alberto Andrade

Isabel Guerra

Limeans are currently mourning former Mayor Alberto Andrade, whose remains arrived in the city this morning at 8am.

The government instructed the Peruvian national flag to be flown half-mast at all public buildings and grounds, and at all military posts, naval stations and police and fire stations in all the country.

Andrade’s coffin, wrapped in a Peruvian flag, was honored this morning at the Lima Municipality, and will receive many homages during the day, including one at Peru’s Congress Hall.

According to his last will, his funerals will be celebrated with “música criolla” (creole music), and his remains will be incinerated at Jardines de la Paz cemetery tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am.

Peruvian congressman and former mayor of Lima, Alberto Andrade Carmona, died on June 19th at a Washington private hospital due to complications associated with pulmonary fibrosis.

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