World Bank says Peru improved in governance over last decade



Over the past decade from 1998-2008, Peru has shown substantial improvement in governance, especially in voice and accountability, according to the latest World Bank’s ‘Governance Matters 2009’ report released today.

Voice and Accountability represents the extent to which a country’s citizens are able to participate in selecting their government, as well as freedom of expression, association, and the press.

"Over the past decade from 1998-2008, countries in all regions have shown substantial improvements in governance, even if at times starting from a very low level. Examples include Ghana, Niger, and Peru in Voice and Accountability," it reported.

While this year’s update of the research dataset Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) 1996-2008 shows many countries making progress in governance and anti-corruption over the past decade, it also reveals that many countries around the world failed to make such improvements.

"Coinciding with countries that have done well, a similar number have experienced deteriorations in several governance dimensions, including Zimbabwe, Cote d’Ivoire, Belarus, Eritrea and Venezuela," it added.

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