Swimming pools may cause conjunctivitis

This year the INO (Instituto Especializado de Oftalmologia) warns about conjunctivitis. They say the summer is especially common to get this ocular virus but more common for children, due to the fact that they spend more hours in the swimming pool.
Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the ocular globe, whose symptoms are irritation in the eyes, the rejection of light or photophobia, the tearing of the eyes and the presence of white puss.
Two types of Conjunctivitis exist, viral which only last 7 to 14 days and bacterial that cause infection and jeopardize the eye lids and other ocular parts.
To prevent this virus it is important to have clean hands and face and to swim in properly chlorined pools, not to touch your eyes with dirty hands, and, lastly not to self medicate yourself but to go to see an ophthalmologist.