Peru’s Corporación EW to open Plaza Norte on July 10th


Corporación EW will open its first Plaza Norte shopping center on July 10th with an investment of nearly 500 million soles, the company’s malls & real estate manager Edgar Callo said Tuesday.

This new mall is located in the district of Independencia, between the Northern Pan American Highway and Tupac Amaru Avenues, at the intersection of San Martin de Porres, Los Olivos, Independencia and Rímac districts.

It will have an area of 200 square meters, twice as big of the area occupied by the Mega Plaza Norte mall, its closest competition, which has 96,000 meters square.

"It will be the largest mall in the country and is located in a strategic place because more than three million people walk by everyday, it is the busiest corner in Lima," he told Andina.

Callo noted that the total investment in this mega-complex will amount to 500 million soles by the year-end, however about 480 million have already invested.

"Corporación EW has already invested about 240 million soles, added to the finishes and investment of the complex’s operators, this investment is doubled," he said.

Plaza Norte will have a 13,000-square meter HiperWong, a 8,000-square meter Maestro Home Center as well as a casino, hotels, discotheques and more than 100 stores where people can find the most recognized brands in the market.

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