32 unsafe discos for New Years

Just a few days left for New Year’s and the Instituto de Defensa Civil (Indeci) has found 32 discos to be unsafe. These discos can not open to the public if they don’t meet the safety conditions of Indeci such as emergency lights, extinguishers, and, emergency exits free of any obstacles.
These few procedures these discos must take are vital so accidents like those of 2002 when 27 people died in the Utopia Disco and of 1998 when another 10 people in the Suarez disco, all these deaths could have been avoided if the right safety measures would have been taken. Despite these facts, Milagros Alvarez, head of Technique Inspections of Indeci said that they do not have the authority to close these down but are found by the defense civil classified as ‘high risk’ or ‘moderate risk’.
However, Indeci also found 32 discos safe, these meet all the safety conditions and are classified as ‘apt’.
High or moderate risk discos that do not meet safety conditions: Mai Tai, La Huaka, Nua, Restaurant Louch, Bambuddha (in Asia), Fame (Carabayllo), Denois (San Juan de Lurigancho), Space, Relax, Habana Disco (San Juan de Miraflores), Discoteca Porky’s (Pachacamac), La Esquina (Lima), El Timbolero, La Cabana (La Victoria), and Tequila Rock (Pueblo Libre). Also, Salsoteca el Cucalambe (Ate), Baku Disco Salsa (San Miguel), Karaoke Hits (San Borja), Gotica, Tequila Rock y Teatriz Aura (Miraflores), La Choza (El Agustino), Don Jijuna, Bar La Capilla, Pa ti Barranco, El Dragón, Batanga, La Capilla, Las Terrazas de Barranco, Mama Chela, La Noche and Puka Tayta (Barranco).
The discos ‘apt’ for attending on New Years are: Holiday, Bamboleo, Bering Bou and Villa Talavera (Ate Vitarte), The Line, Legendaris, Teatriz (Miraflores), La Choza, Uranio Uno, Baile D’ Marko (Comas), Reflections (Surco), Habana, Relax (San Juan de Miraflores), American Latin and Vocé (Lince). Also, de Baku (San Miguel), Cueva (San Borja), Extasis (Lima), El Rincon de Los Recuerdos (La Victoria), Karamba Latin Disco, Tonga Video Bar, Pub de Jarana, Rock And Latin and Megadeck’s & Mega Rock (Los Olivos), Big Bar (San Miguel), Tequila Rock (San Isidro), Pa Ti Barranco, La Capilla (Barranco), Mediterraneo Beach (Punta Hermosa), Karamba Latin Disco, Boom Latin Disco (San Juan de Lurigancho).