Peru: Lima to have a new transportation system by 2010

Isabel Guerra

The Construction and Maintenance Manager of Protransporte (from the Lima Municipality), Walter Paredes, reported that, according to official projections, the Metropolitan Road Corridor –which will link Chorrillos with Comas, be ready in early 2010.

According to the specifications of the work, the Metropolitan will have two levels and a total area of 25.000 square meters: it will have access with four ramps and escalators, ten spots for loading and unloading passengers, six lifts for disabled people and six emergency escapes.

The underground central station will have three exits, to Lampa St., Grau Ave. and Spain Ave; it will have 522 buses on natural gas buses, each one able to carry 80 and 160 passengers.

The fares payment will be made under a “smart card”system, which automatically deducts the cost of the ticket.

These cards will be rechargeable, and different types will be issued for disabled, pensioners, military, policemen and students.

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