Peru’s lucuma exports increase by 99 percent

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian exports of lucuma amounted US $245,354 dollars during the first five months of 2009, which is a 99% increase over the same period last year, according to the Exporters’ Association (Adex).

Lucuma was exported to 15 countries, with Chile as the main destination with a 65% of the total, with US $153,000 dollars in purchases of lucuma pulp and Chocolate lucuma Britt.

The United States is in the second place with purchases worth US $59,451 (which is a -37% percent drop), and it is followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Colombia and Australia, among others.

The new destinations are Germany ($ 3,738), Canada ($ 3,578), Colombia ($ 3,431), Brazil and The Netherlands.  The lucuma is native to the dry subtropical Andean coastal valleys of Peru, and has recently become popular as a dried powder flavoring, especially for ice cream.

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