Peru: construction of beach houses in Lima south beaches is still increasing

Isabel Guerra

The construction of beach houses in the south of Lima is still growing, and the area is considered a good place to live, reported the real estate company Rodrigo & Associates.

The company reported that land for housing construction on the beaches located near the Pan American Highway South prices’ are ranging between US $22.000 and US $180 thousand dollars, with prices between US $110 andUS $ 600 per m2.

"The housing prices in the south of Lima are high because there is no space, and what investors are doing is buying houses to rebuild them," he said.

He explained that there are some projects going on now, such as Honda project, located at Km 124.6 of the Pan-American South, with costs between $ 45,000 and $22.000, to $ 225 per square meter, a price more affordable in the area.

Another projects are Arenas (kilometer 94.3 of the Pan-American South), and Pelicans (located at kilometer 54 of the same highway), and also the Musiris project, at kilometer 100 of the Panamericana Sur; but none of these projects include nautical sports facilities.

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