Peru’s Defense Minister rules out alleged ambush in Vizcatán

Isabel Guerra

Defense Minister, Rafael Rey, dismissed the earlier reports indicating that an Army patrol was ambushed near Vizcatán resulting in a soldier killed and three others wounded.

"I can say, thank God, that the media was wrong. Is not true, there have not been any casualties and this information does not correspond to reality,” he explained.

Hours earlier, CPN radio had announced that a terrorist attack on a patrol in the valley of the Apurimac and Ene Rivers (VRAE), had caused the death of a soldier.

The information was aldo given in advance by Colonel Angel Bellota coronata, official spokesperson f the region’s military VRAE (Apurimac-Ene Valley), denying a suspected rebel ambush in the area.

Speaking to Perú.21, Rafael Rey added that he did not know where that information had come from.

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