Peru’s provinces contribute with 37 percent of exports

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s provinces have contributed with 37% of the total export shipments from January to May 2009, according to the National Chamber of Commerce, Production and Services (Perucamaras).

Tacna exported 547 shipments worth in total US$ 58.1 million, becoming the department with the most diverse offer, where shipments of non-traditional products reached 542 amounting to US$ 24.08 million, while traditional products’ 5 shipments worth  more: US$ 34 million.

Other regions that registered a diverse offer were Arequipa, with 452 shipments (US$ 659.4 million); Piura, that exported 243 shipments (US$ 415 million); and and Ica, with 212 shipments (amounting US$ 617.9 million).

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