Peru: Ucayali seeks to create regional conservation area in Cashibococha Lake


The regional government of Ucayali is planning to create a regional conservation area in Cashibococha Lake, near Yarinacocha Lake, given the rich ecosystem in this area.

According to the Regional Assistant Director of Environment, Grober Panduro Pisco, procedures are performed in coordination with Ministry of the Environment, in order to promote the conservation of species living in this lake.

“Previous studies identified at least 18 bird species. This lake has important riches that need to be conserved,” Panduro said.

Cashibococha is located 20 kilometers from Pucallpa, capital of Ucayali; one hour travel through Yarinacocha Lake using canoes with motor known as peque peque. In this place we can see ornamental fish and orchids, as well as lizards.

Panduro pointed out that procedures to create the conservation area can take some time, because Ministry of the Environment demands a technical file with the appropriate biological study.

“Up to now we have one study on birds, but we need more. After presenting the file we have to wait until they send us observations and then correct them,” he added.

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