Expats celebrate Peru Independence Day with mass & festivals in London


The Peruvian community based in London, England, will commemorate on Tuesday, July 28, the 188 anniversary of Peruvian Independence with a thanksgiving mass, main event to be celebrated by the Consulate General of Peru.

The liturgical ceremony will be held at 19:00 hrs (24:00 GMT) in the Brompton Oratory church, and celebrated by Father Jesus, in charge of the Latin American Chaplaincy and the Iberian-American Alliance in UK, who served over 41 years as a priest.

After the mass, Peruvians will attend a reception in the halls of the church.

This weekend, restaurants and entertainment venues in London will oganize Peruvian-themed parties and music festivals to commemorate the South American country’s independence day.

Peruvian celebrations in London began on Wednesday, July 22, at the local municipality’s amphitheater, where people enjoyed music, dance performances, food and beverages.

As part of celebrations, the Bolivian group ‘Los Kjarkas’ will perform on Sunday, August 02, during the Peru- Bolivia Brotherhood Day.

According to Peru’s consul general in London, Julio Garro Galvez, the Peruvian community has become more active and involved to its native country’s celebrations, despite living far away.

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