Peru’s company to export tamales to Chile

Isabel Guerra

D’Karlos company is getting ready to export Peruvian culinary packed in a very innovative way; canned tamales, sweet humitas (made of ground corn and butter) and manjarblanco.

These very traditional products are to be exported to Chile, Venezuela and United States, according to the company’s General Manager, Carlos Luna Neyra.

"We have invested three years of hard work in this project, and finally it is bearing fruits, since we have already planned to send our first shipment to Chile and we are negotiating with entrepreneurs in Venezuela and Miami," he said.

Luna also said that the first shipment to Chile will have 400 boxes of 24 canned tamales (wrapped in their respective banana leaves) of 192 grams.

The product, which cost 4.50 soles, has a sell-by date of three years from the manufacture date, and only needs to be placed for 8 minutes in a boiling-water bath or in the microwave, Luna added.

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