Peru: President Garcia attends thanksgiving ceremony of Evangelical Christian churches

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s President Alan García attended today (for the fourth consecutive year) the Thanksgiving Ceremony celebrated by the Evangelical churches in the Christian and Missionary Church facilities.

A part of the celebrations for the 188th Anniversary of the Independence, the religious service started at 11am, when President Garcia arrived and was welcomed by Miguel Bardales, president of the Thanksgiving Ministry, who gave him a bible written in Quechua.

Pastor Javier Cortazar explained the concept of justice from God’s perspective, as well as its importance in the daily life.

The ceremony was attended by another members of the Cabinet such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde; Production, Mercedes Araoz; and Transport, Enrique Cornejo; Housing, Francis Allison; Energy and Mines, Pedro Sánchez; and Health, Oscar Ugarte.

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