They request an extension of machinery to clean the Rimac River.


Since a couple of days in Chaclacayo,
workers have been cleaning and channeling the river Rimac, to avoid an overflow
of the river which could affect not only 30 million citizens but also those of
thenorth of Lima.
For that job they have been using a tractor from the
Ministerio de Agricultura (Ministry of Agriculture) however today the agreement
expires and from tomorrow the workers will be left paralyzed since they can no
longer have access to clean the river and its strong currents and ever increase
in water.
Since last week there have been reports of rain fall in the
sierra and if the river is not channeled correctly there could be another incident
where hundreds of people lose homes and life stock.
The municipality
of Lima offered to lend them their
tractors however they are not heavy enough to sustain the currents of the
Currently they are waiting on the decision of the Ministerio
de Agricultura.