Peru’s ambassador resumes functions in Bolivia and pleads to preserve relations


Peru’s Ambassador to Bolivia Fernando Rojas pleaded today to preserve the bilateral relations when he resumed his diplomatic functions in La Paz, after 45 days of stay in Lima, where he was called due to differences between both countries.

The diplomat said he was happy to be back in La Paz and expressed his wish that the bilateral relations between Peru and Bolivia “are always at the level they belong”.

“I feel at home and I’m extremely happy,” said Rojas when he arrived at El Alto Airport in La Paz where he was welcomed by Peruvians living in Bolivia.

He added that Bolivia is a brother country, to which were united by unbreakable historical bonds.

Ambassador Rojas’ return to La Paz was arranged by the Foreign Ministers from both countries, José Antonio García Belaunde (Perú) and David Choquehuanca (Bolivia) this last July 23rd.

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