Chilean Air Forces investigating alleged Peru espionage

Isabel Guerra

The Chilean newspaper El Mercurio reports today that the Chile Air Forces (FACh) has been investigating (for a month now) an alleged case of espionage to four FACh officers.

According to Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, the aforementioned Chilean officers might have been spied by Business Track, a Peruvian company which General Manager is the retired naval officer Manuel Ponce Feijoo.

Feijoo is currently under trial in Peru, facing charges of industrial, commercial and politic espionage, actions that might have included telephonic and electronic interception to businessmen, public officers and even Peru’s President Alan García.

El Mercurio remarks that Ponce Feijoo was Peru’s Naval Attaché in Chile between 1997 and 2000, and that he established friendly relationships with Chile’s Army Commander in Chief at that time, Jorge Arancibia.

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